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Curriculum vitae


Department of English
Boise State University
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1525

MFA, Poetry 1985 Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC
MFA Creative Thesis: “Other Longevities: A Manuscript of Poems”
BA, magna cum laude 1976 Duke University, Durham, NC

March 2008–present Boise State University Professor
March 2004–2007 Boise State University Associate Professor
Sabbatical leave, Fall 2005
1999–February 2004 Boise State University Assistant Professor
Fall 2002 University Study Abroad Consortium, Brighton, England
1995–1998 U Minnesota Affiliated Faculty Appt.
1995–1998 Macalester College Adjunct lecturer

2003–2004 Director, MFA Program in Creative Writing


The ms of my kin. Exeter, UK: Shearsman Books, 2009.
F2F. Notre Dame: U Notre Dame Pr, 2006.
Humanophone. Notre Dame: U Notre Dame Pr, 2001.
The Green Tuxedo. Notre Dame: U Notre Dame Pr, 1998. (Published as winner of the Ernest Sandeen Prize in Poetry.)
The Physicist at the Mall. Tallahassee: Anhinga Pr, 1994. (Published as winner of the Anhinga Prize.)

Paperback Romance. Pittsford, N.Y.: State Street Pr, 1984. (Published under the name Janet Holmes Stanford. Chapbook.)



1913: A Journal of Forms, American Poet, American Poetry Review, Antaeus, Beloit Poetry Journal, Boulevard, Cannibal, Carolina Quarterly, Coconut, The Cultural Society, Cutbank, Georgia Review, Gutcult, Jumps, Michigan Quarterly Review, Mid-American Review, MiPOesias, MTD, Nimrod, Notre Dame Review, Pleiades, Poetry, Poetry Daily, Poetry International, Practice: New Writing + Art, Prairie Schooner, Quarterly West, “The Writer’s Almanac” (radio).


“Birding,” “The Blue World.” Where One Voice Ends Another Begins: 150 Years
of Minnesota Poetry
. Ed. Robert Hedin. Minneapolis, MN: Minnesota Historical Society, 2007: 209–210.

“Mediterranean Cooking for Two.” Poetry Daily: 366 Poems from the World’s
Most Popular Poetry Website.
Eds. Dianne Boller, Don Selby, and Chryss Yost. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, 2003: 350.

“My Mother’s Clown.” Are You Experienced?: Baby Boom Poets at Midlife. Eds.
Pamela Gemin and Paula Sergi. Iowa City: University of Iowa Pr, 2003: 31. “The Green Tuxedo.” Like Thunder: Poets Respond to Violence in America. Eds.
Ryan G. Van Cleave and Virgil Suarez. Iowa City: University of Iowa Pr,
2002: 92–94.

“Depressive Episode,” “Fantasie Metropolitan,” and “Whistle.” The Extraordinary
Tide: New Poetry by American Women.
Eds. Susan Aizenberg and Erin
Belieu. New York: Columbia U Pr, 2001: 169–172.

“Partch Stations.” A Fine Excess: Fifty Years of the Beloit Poetry Journal. Ed.
Marion K. Stocking. Lamoine, ME: Beloit Poetry Journal Foundation, Inc.,
2000: 361–373.

“Depressive Episode.” Outsiders. Ed. Laure-Anne Bosselaar. St. Paul: Milkweed
Editions, 1999: 122.

“Chez Persephone.” Orpheus and Company. Ed. Deborah de Nicola. Hanover,
N.H.: U Pr New England, 1999: 154.

“Cinquains for Rocky.” Poetry: A Longman Pocket Anthology. 2nd ed. Ed. R.S.
Gwynn. New York: Longman, 1998: 339.

“The Pattern.” Verse and Universe. Ed. Kurt Brown. St. Paul: Milkweed Editions,
1998: 280.

“Against the Literal.” The Best American Poetry 1995. Ed. Richard Howard and
David Lehman. New York: Scribner, 1995: 103.

“A Love Song from the Chimayo Landfill,” “The Miracle as I See It,” Walking the
Dogs on Horse Mesa,” “Instinct,” and “Stars. Wild Land.” ¡Saludos!:
Poemas de Nuevo Mexico/Poems of New Mexico.
Ed. Jeanie C. Williams
and Victor di Suvero, trans. ed. Consuelo Luz. Santa Fe, NM: Pennywhistle
Pr, 1995: 142–153.

“The Love of the Flesh.” The Best American Poetry 1994. Ed. A.R. Ammons and
David Lehman. New York: Scribner, 1994: 83–85.

“Pastoral.” The Forgotten Language. Ed. Christopher Merrill. Salt Lake City:
Peregrine Smith Books, 1991: 77.

“Aviary at Oaxaca.” The State Street Reader. Ed. Judith Kitchen. Pittsford, NY: State Street Press, 1990: 42.


“On McDaniel’s Murder (a Violet).” Rev. of Murder (a Violet) by Ray McDaniel.
Pleiades 25.2, p. 126 (2005).

“ForeSight Poetry: Delight and Instruct [a composite review of Muse, by Susan
Aizenberg; The Self as Constellation, by Jeanine Hathaway; Commons, by Myung Mi Kim; A Visit to Civilization, by Sandra McPherson; The Caged Owl: New and Selected Poems, by Gregory Orr; The High Sierra of California, by Gary Snyder and Tom Killion; and Spirit Cabinet, by David Wojahn].” ForeWord 5:3 (May–June 2002): 34.

“Spar.” Rev. of Spar by Karen Volkman. ForeWord 5:3, p. 59.

“Bearing Witness: Poetry by Teachers About Teaching.” Rev. of Bearing
Witness: Poetry by Teachers About Teaching,
ed. Margaret Hatcher. ForeWord 5:1 (January–February 2002): 44.

“In the Spotlight: New Poetry Series [a composite review of Air, Waters, Places,
by Bin Ramke; Such Rich Hour by Cole Swensen; and The Keep, by
Emily Wilson].” ForeWord 4:6 (November–December 2001): 35.

“Unsleeping.” Rev. of Unsleeping by Michael Burkard. ForeWord 4:6
(November–December 2001): 46.

“The Salt Hour.” Rev. of The Salt Hour by J.P. White. ForeWord 4:5
(September–October 2001): 55.

“Spring Poetry Books [a composite review of Carver: A Life in Poems, by
Marilyn Nelson; The Tormented Mirror, by Russell Edson; Misery Prefigured, by J. Allyn Rosser; Radio, Radio: Poems, by Ben Doyle; Saving Lives: Poems, by Albert Goldbarth; Shiny Pencils at the Edge of Things: New and Selected, by Dick Gallup; Queen for a Day, by Denise Duhamel; Pleasure Dome: New and Collected Poems, by Yusef Komunyakaa; The Extraordinary Tide: New Poetry by American Women, ed. Susan Aizenberg and Erin Belieu; and American Diaspora: Poetry of Displacement, ed. Virgil Suarez and Ryan G. Van Cleave].” ForeWord 4:3 (March 2001): 22–27.

“Echolocations.” Rev. of Echolocations by Diane Thiel. ForeWord 3:11
(November 2000): 51.

“Brace’s Cove.” Rev. of Brace’s Cove by Joseph Featherstone. ForeWord 3:10
(October 2000): 56.

“Wild Sweet Notes.” Rev. of Wild Sweet Notes, ed. Barbara Smith and Kirk Judd.
ForeWord 3:9 (September 2000): 67.

“Tell Me.” Rev. of Tell Me by Kim Addonizio. ForeWord 3:7 (July 2000): 41.

“The Selected Poems of Janet Lewis.” Rev. of The Selected Poems of Janet
Lewis, ed. R.L. Barth, ForeWord 3:6 (June 2000): 73.

“Cowboy Poetry Matters.” Rev. of Cowboy Poetry Matters: From Abilene to the
ed. Robert McDowell. ForeWord 3:5 (May 2000): 73.

“The Dumbbell Nebula.” Rev. of The Dumbbell Nebula by Steve Kowit.
ForeWord 3:4 (April 2000): 48–49.

“Protocol for Touch.” Rev. of Protocol for Touch by Constance Merritt.
ForeWord 3:2 (February 2000): 65–66.

“David Wojahn’s The Falling Hour.” Rev. of The Falling Hour by David
Wojahn. Crania 4. (Winter 1998).

“Wendy Battin’s Little Apocalypse.“ Rev. of Little Apocalypse by Wendy Battin.
Crania 4. (Winter 1998).

“(divine)(s)electeds.” Rev. of il cuore: the heart: New and Selected Poems by
Kathleen Fraser, An Octave Above Thunder by Carol Muske, and Roots in
the Air
by Shirley Kaufman. Hungry Mind Review 44 (1997): 36.

“Praise Song.” Rev. of With a Moon in Transit by Jacqueline Osherow and
Music Minus One by Jane Shore. Hungry Mind Review 41 (1997): 38.

“How the Light Gets In.” Rev. of The Crack in Everything, by Alicia Ostriker.
Hungry Mind Review 39 (1996): 28.

“Probing the Cloud of the Nuclear Threat.” Rev. of Writing in a Nuclear Age, ed.
Jim Schley, and Nuke-Rebuke, ed. Morty Sklar. New Letters Review of Books 1.1 (1987): 6–7.

“Flash, Tenderness & Pop.” Rev. of Flash Paper by Theresa Pappas, Ongoing
by Walter Pavlich, and Death of the Plankton Bar & Grill, by Kathryn Nocerino. NewLetters Review of Books 2.1 (1988): 10.

Journalistic Writing

“Journal.” The Poetry Foundation Website, permalink at (January 15, 2007 through January 18, 2007).

Critical Writing and Articles

“Bookshelf: Janet Holmes.” The Poet’s Bookshelf. Ed. Peter Davis and Tom
Koontz. Barnwood Press, 2008: 138.

“This Page Intentionally Left Blank: Janet Holmes Formats Dickinson.” Jonathan
Morse, with response by Janet Holmes. Emily Dickinson Bulletin 19.2
(November–December 2007), 18–22.

“Zukofsky vs. Syntax: Reading ‘Gamut.’” American Poet 33 (Fall 2007) 3–6.

“Maneuvering the Labyrinth of University Affiliation: A Symposium.” R.M.
Berry, Alan Davis, Stephanie G’Schwind, Janet Holmes, Salima Keegan, Don Lee, April Ossman, and Mary Rockcastle. CLMP Monograph, 2005.

“The Body Is Always Trembling: Introducing Kerri Webster.” Emerging Poet
Series. American Poet 27 (Fall 2004).

“Read Me This Way: Poetic Sequence and Consequence.” Marlboro Review
(Summer/Fall 1997): 23–37.

Multimedia collaborations

Strickland, Stephanie and Janet Holmes. “The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot.”
Word Circuits, Oct. 1999,

Strickland, Stephanie. “Seven League Boots: Poetry, Science and Hypertext.”
Electronic Book Review 7, Summer 1998, Janet Holmes and Paul Friedlander, collaborators.

“Where the Hands Go, the Eyes Follow.” Collaborative performance with Ranee
Ramaswamy (choreographer), Howard Levy (composer/musician),
Coleman Barks, Robert Bly, Mary Easter, Jane Hirshfield, Janet Holmes,
and Jim Moore (poets). Commissioned by the Walker Art Center,
Minneapolis, MN, and performed May 16–18, 1998, at the Walker Art
Center, and again May 30, 1998, at Carleton College, Northfield, MN.

In Process

Holmes, Janet. Master Class: A Poet’s Handbook of Lessons from America’s Great
. In proposal.



Director, editor, designer, typographer, Ahsahta Press, Fall 2000–present.

Associate editor, Crania (online literary magazine), Summer 1997–Spring

Paper Presentations at Professional Meetings

“Divine Order or Free Will? Getting to the Heart of Syntax.” Panel
presentation: “Zukofsky vs. Syntax.” Associated Writing Programs
Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 2007.

CLMP Workshop: “Housekeeping: Operating a Press with Minimal
Resources.” Associated Writers & Writing Programs Conference, Austin, TX, March 2006.

“Anyone Can Write Anything Nowadays: Pla(y)giarism, Theft, and the
Pleasures of the Text.” Associated Writers & Writing Programs Conference, Vancouver, BC. March 2005.

“Outward Bound: Taking Creative Writing Beyond the Traditional
Classroom.” Associated Writers & Writing Programs Conference, Vancouver, BC, April 2005.

“Extravagaria: Art Assisting Science” (workshop leader). OOPSLA
(Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications) 2004, Vancouver, BC. October 2004 (description at

“Reviewing Reviewing.” Associated Writers & Writing Programs
Conference, Chicago, IL. March 2004.

“The Varied Carol: Poetry and Music.” Associated Writers & Writing
Programs Conference, New Orleans, LA. March 2002.

“Poetry as Artmaking.” Pedagogical talk, Warren Wilson Alumni Writers’
Conference, Asheville, NC. 29 June 2001.

“Getting Carried Away: Research and Obsession in the Poetic Sequence.”
Associated Writing Programs Conference, Palm Springs, CA. 21 April 2001.

“The trAce Workshop Experience: The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot.”
Digital Arts and Culture ’99, Atlanta, GA. 29 Oct. 1999.

“The Writer-Ghost in the Machine.” Associated Writing Programs
Conference, Albany, NY. 17 Apr. 1999.

Conference Sessions Chaired

“Differing Digital Strategies in Hypertext Writing” (Panel chair).
Associated Writing Programs Conference, Kansas City, MO. 1 April 2000.


College of Arts and Sciences Travel Grant, 2007. For travel to Midwestern
states to present poetry from F2F.

Idaho Commission on the Arts, 2005. QuickFund$ Grant to attend an
international writers’ residency at Château de Lavigny, administered by Fondation Ledig-Rowholt, Geneva, Switzerland.

Council of Literary Magazines and Small Presses National Literary Mentorship
grant to work with Michael Wiegers, Executive Editor of Copper Canyon Press, on marketing issues for Ahsahta Press, 2005.

McKnight Artist Fellowship for Writers (Loft Award in Poetry), 1997. For support of
creative projects, including manuscript-in-progress “Humanophone.”

Loft Minnesota Writers Career Initiative Grant (poetry), Jerome Foundation,
1997. This grant made possible a year-long reading tour to colleges and universities across the country that would not otherwise have been able to pay travel costs.

Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, 1996. For support of creative projects,
including manuscript-in-progress “Humanophone.”

Bush Foundation Artist’s Fellowship (poetry), 1993. For support of
creative projects, including manuscript-in-progress “The Green Tuxedo.”

Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, 1992. For support of creative projects,
including manuscript-in-progress “The Green Tuxedo.”


Residency, Fundación Valparaíso, Spain. June 2008.

Residency, Château de Lavigny, administered by Fondation Ledig-Rowholt, Geneva, Switzerland. July 2005.

“Partch Stations,” Chad Walsh Poetry Prize, Beloit Poetry Journal, 1999.

The Green Tuxedo, Minnesota Book Award, 1999.

The Green Tuxedo, Poetry Book of the Year, ForeWord Magazine, 1998.

“Humanophone,” “Whistle,” and “Celebration on the Planet Mars,” first place, the
Pablo Neruda Awards, Nimrod magazine, selected by W.S. Merwin, 1997.

The Green Tuxedo, Ernest Sandeen Prize in Poetry, University of Notre Dame Press, selected by John Matthias, 1996.

“Against the Literal“ selected for Best American Poetry 1995, editor Richard

The Physicist at the Mall finalist, Minnesota Book Award, 1995.

“The Love of the Flesh“ selected for Best American Poetry 1994, editor A.R.

The Physicist at the Mall, Anhinga Prize, Anhinga Press, selected by Joy Harjo,

Residency, MacDowell Artists’ Colony, March–April 1989.

Residency, Yaddo Artists’ Colony, November–December 1986.

Paperback Romance, State Street Press Chapbook Award, 1984.


Bower, Lisa. “F2F.”
(, 15 October 2007.

Leahy, Anna. “What We’re Reading: F2F by Janet Holmes.” Mid-American Review
27.2: 232–234.

“Books Noted: New Volumes: Janet Holmes, F2F, University of Notre Dame
Press.” American Poet 32 (Spring 2007): 80.

Webb, Anna. “Face-2-Face: Through poetry, BSU professor explores cybertext as a
modern language.” The Idaho Statesman 23 January 2007, sec. Life:1.

Jude, Gretchen. “Face Value: Poems by Boise State professor explore intimacy,
technology and the space between.” Boise Weekly 29 November 2006 (online at

King, Amy. “MiPOradio” (website:, 11
November 2005.

Phillips, Lance. “Here Comes Everybody” (website:, 29 June 2004.

Daly, Catherine. “Humanophone.” Boston Review (April–May 2002).

“Editors Select.” Notre Dame Review 13 (Winter 2002): 175–176.

Steinman, Lisa. “Poetic Patchworks [an essay-review of Humanophone by Janet
Holmes, The Paintings of Our Lives by Grace Schulman, and Alluvial by
Katherine Soniat].” The Women’s Review of Books 14.2 (November 2001): 11–

Welsch, Camille-Yvette. “Humanophone.” ForeWord 4.6 (Fall 2001): 44–45.

Olson, Ray. “Holmes, Janet. Humanophone.” Booklist 1 August 2001.

Johnson, Halvard. “Janet Holmes: The Green Tuxedo.” Valpariso Review 2.2
(Spring 2001):

Brown, Janelle. “Holmes: Poet Finds Inspiration in Everyday Life.” Focus
25.4 (Summer 2000): 22.

Flagg, Marianne. “Writing Life: New BSU poetry professor uses language to
make links where no links exist.” The Idaho Statesman 13 October 1999, sec. E:1.

Odell, Jere. “The Green Tuxedo.“ Samizdat (Winter 1999): 15–16.

Figg, Melanie. “What Lies Beneath.” Quarterly West 47 (1998–1999): 186–192.

Rawson, Josie. “The Green Tuxedo.” Rain Taxi (April 1998): 33.

Grover, J. Z. “Waxing Boolean.” Twin Cities Reader 22.35 (1996): 21.

Howe, Susan Elizabeth. “Deflecting Desire.” Tar River Poetry 34.1 (1994): 50.

Kitchen, Judith. “Inner Worlds [an essay-review of Do Not Peel the Birches, by Fleda Brown Jackson; The Physicist at the Mall, by Janet Holmes; Before Our Eyes, by Lawrence Joseph; The City of Women, A Sequence of Poems and Prose, by Sherod Santos; and Moss Burning, by Marianne Boruch].” The Georgia Review 48 (1994): 584.

Cook, Devan. “The Physicist at the Mall: The poetry of everyday life.” The
Tallahassee Democrat
6 November 1994, sec. E: 9.

McFee, Michael. “The Physicist at the Mall.” Duke Magazine 81.1 (1994): 50–51.
Grossman, Mary Ann. “Ordinary experiences are the stuff of poetry.” Saint Paul
Pioneer Press 20 March 1994, sec. E: 7.

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